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Haidong Gumdo Sword in Motion

Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Experience the Power of the Sword

Blue Mountain Martial Arts Sword School Logo


Blue Mountain Martial Arts is a premier martial arts studio located in Ellicott City, MD. We are dedicated to providing top-notch training in the Korean sword art Haidong Gumdo. Our experienced black belt instructors are committed to helping you achieve your full potential and develop mental focus, physical strength, and self-discipline. You will feel like a samurai hero as you take up the sword.  You will learn the ways of the warrior-poet: calm mind, strong and flexible body.  And it's fun!


katana test cutting instructor
samurai sword form instructor

John Jacobs - Master Instructor

With over 20 years of experience,
Master Jacobs is one of the foremost Haidong Gumdo instructors in the US, and he is passionate about sharing the art with others. His encouraging teaching style and deep knowledge make learning sword martial arts a rewarding experience.

Mike Kreisher - Instructor

Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Blue Mountain Martial Arts. His dedication to the art of Haidong Gumdo and his holistic approach to teaching make him a respected instructor.

Beginner Haidong Gumdo student

First Class FREE

Since 2007, Blue Mountain has been the best martial arts school in the Baltimore / Howard County area.  So we're inviting you out to be amazed.  It's easy to get started.  ​


East Coast Haidong Gumdo Association
World Haidong Gumdo Federation
USA - PanAM Haidong Gumdo Association


samurai sword competition

Sword Forms

samurai sword sparring

Free Sparring

katana sword straw cutting

Test Cutting

Haidong Gumdo Masters traditional ronin

"I can honestly recommend Blue Mountain Martial Arts to anyone who is looking to study a martial art no matter the age or ability level.  We are a very close knit and welcoming group of people."


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